What you get

Coffee & tea

Super delicious snacks to get you through the workshop

Networking opportunities

What to bring


Be ready for a fab day with other likeminded creatives and feel free to bring fun and personal personal props.


A fully charged smartphone with some memory space for some new cool apps. 



What is an insta workshop

Insta Workshop is a 1-day Instagram + photography tips workshop run by Santa Cizevska, a social influencer and founder of creative agency Oh Deer Monday. We believe that in today’s online market, the visual content is king and we promise to skip the super techy stuff and will teach you what you MUST know about photography and Instagram in order to grow your brand and business.

What will you learn

  • Getting started with Instagram

  • Branding your Instagram page

  • Using hashtags to create brand awareness

  • Designing content strategy for your Insta feed

  • The power of Insta Stories

  • Ideas to encourage user generated content

  • The Snap (workshop)

This workshop is WAY MORE than theory. We will provide Instagramable props to practice and apply  your new Insta skills and guide you through the process while providing personalised advice for your brand. 


Where: La Paulowna Boutique Hotel - Anna Paulownaplein 3, The Hague

Who is it for: Anyone interested in using Instagram to grow their customer or fan base organically and creatively or those who simply want to learn about and test out the platform.

When: February 2019